Wednesday, March 22, 2017

"Something Very Cleansing About Sweat..."

"Do you know a cure for me?
Why Yes, he said, I know a cure for everything.
Salt water.
Salt water I asked him.
Yes, he said, in one form or another,
sweat, tears, or the salt sea...".
Isak Dinesen

An intriguing old Outward Bound saying, this musing, about there being just 'something very cleansing about sweat'...
A high level of effort, focus, and concentration are almost always required when we adventure so. This process though, is not just about attaining goals out there, yet also more mysteriously about the transmutation of energy too.
When we are working it out high on a mountain, or far away upon an open ocean, we are more than simply moving. We are tempering our very selves, and essentially distilling our dreams as well.
In those deep dry desert canyons, we discover ways and means for purifying while canyoneering. For letting go, and moving past, any other kind of fevered distractions.
On a fifty degree slope, then getting ourselves through the crux of a climb, we are curing ourselves. pushing our bodies, mind, and spirit beyond what we had ever before thought possible.
After endless days out on our longest hike, we labour, toil, and then revel in the moisture emitting from our honed bodies and brow.
Anyone who has peeled off their neoprene after hours out riding extreme winds and waves, knows exactly what I mean too.
What amazing paradox's these adventure experiences at first seem...
One of the byproducts of our adventure rituals is sweat. 
And there is something very cleansing, even extremely healing, about this product of perseverance.
We move so and remove unneeded issues. We push so and eliminate that which is not necessary. Then we discover freedom among all these elements of effort...
Such cleansing endurance is a potent passage, a means of discovering so much more within than we ever first realized.
We may not be as clean by any means as in the beginnings of our journeys, but that simply doesn't matter. We've distilled ourselves down to the important things - the truly necessary basics, of vision and dreams, fulfilled by muscle, bone, and tendon.
We have also exercised our intentions which induces real meaning, resulting in motivation and musings of significance.
There is just something pure, very cleansing, even gently healing, within such reflections upon our earned adventurous sweat..... DSD

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

"The Energy Within Exploring..."

"Equipped with our five senses,
along with telescopes and microscopes and mass spectrometers,
and seismographs and magnetometers and particle accelerators,
and detectors sensitive to the entire electromagnetic spectrum,
we explore the universe around us,
and call the adventure - science...".
Edwin Hubble

Monday, March 20, 2017

"Our Very Precious Energy..."

"Life's a pretty precious and wonderful thing.
You can't sit down and let it lap around you.
You have to plunge into it.
You have to dive through it.
And you can't save it, you can't store it up, you can't horde it in a vault.
You've got to taste it.
You've got to use it.
The more you use, the more you have.
That's the miracle of it...".
L.S. Crichton

Sunday, March 19, 2017

"Two Choices Of Energies..."

"It takes as much energy,
to wish,
as it does to plan...".
E. Roosevelt

Saturday, March 18, 2017

"Powerful Energies..."

"It's as if I have become truly part of the mountain, a working willing partner, harnessed to its energies, subject to its temperament, always conscious of its majesty... The mountain is always fierce, to the extreme; that is part of its power and strength. Beneath its surface the fierceness lies slumbering; it is like a wild animal, sleek, soft, beautiful, but always you are conscious of the terrible power that can be unleashed should the mountain choose.
On the mountain there is only one language, and we all try to speak it as best we can...".  N. Shulman

Friday, March 17, 2017

"Life's Energies..."

"It ushered me back to the forest,
back to the life energy that connects us all as one divine consciousness,
and urges me to never lose sight of it, and to always protect it,
in a world where people are forgetting and shunning the natural for the digital.
In the forest I sense the animals, the trees, the leaves,
and them growing all around me.
Suddenly, I feel my spirit animals,
and they surround me with a sense of healing energy, 
and I feel very maternal and moved to protect the Earth itself,
and all the people in it...".
L. Reah

Thursday, March 16, 2017

"Adventure Energies..."

I've heard Mountain & Sea Kayak Guides, as well as our Outward Bound Instructors, all mention it. 
We've seen it in action in the Grand Canyon; experienced it in ways hard to describe while climbing and when out upon the ocean; felt it so sustain us on longer treks. 
And we are still seeking out the meanings of to 'go where the energy is'... 
I believe this to be a quietly, profoundly, simply important concept for those of us who wander. We only need to witness its' magic once in a fellow adventurer, after seeing them so tired and worn out past where a person would be expected to last. Yet they do... 
We see them discover a different source of energy, a whole new wellspring of enthusiasm and motivation to keep on going. It is then we ask: What is this means for motion have they tapped into; what elemental energies have they aligned with? 
While as individuals we do vary in our physical makeup, in our internal energies of motivation and drive, and as well in how our external objectives then pull each of us forward - energy is the essence that any adventurer draws upon to make their wild place dreams become real. 
Ability is only the beginning. 
Energy is what makes it sustaining. 
So, what does this mean - 'to go where the energy is'? Could it be about those places of geomancy where a force, some kind of latent power, emanates from the elements themselves? 
Might it be the synergy of shared vigour and fun that group activity out there radiates in countless dynamic ways? 
What is hidden behind that which incites each of us, that causes our hearts to beat so, that stimulates our mind, our spirit, the very core of our being? 
Maybe it is the potential to be discovered within every new experience; possibly the passions each of us have that fuels our personal flames; or also quite likely the endless variations of the elements themselves that never cease to inspire each of us out there. So wherever your elemental enthusiasms wait for you Dear Finder, trek towards them, embrace them, allow yourself to be infused by them. Ask yourself right then, why does this stimulate me so, what is it that I want here, what do I want this to mean, why is this so important for me. 
Such questions and the resulting musings will surely guide each of us to where your own lasting energies await..... DSD