Sunday, July 10, 2011

"A Mystery I Could Not Solve..."

This so elusive mountain, in this part of a distant range, with its' summit so concealed, an apex very unknown... The route was unusual, not just puzzling, but unassumingly challenging... A mountains stone character - the unique setting each has around, within, and upon it, has always so intrigued me. This one had a nexus of few discernables, no trails to it, no trace of routes upon it, no obvious way around or up. Many inexpressible challenges that quietly asked so much of me... It remains a mountain of such hidden rocky interpretations, and even more secrets to try and decipher. These are many of the answers we seek to figure out up there, and are a part of the mountains' prestige we all enjoy discovering. But not this time for me... No, not this mountain. Its' mystery I could not solve, and I loved it all the more for this..... DSD

My sincere gratitude to G. Wiltsie for the two images above. The upper of the elder climber and the lower of the young one pondering it all.

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Barry said...

It can certainly be a puzzle. Many times I have retreated from places preventing progress. Many times, mountain weather dynamics have changed my mind. The simple complexity exercises the mind as well as the body. The mystery is always around the corner or crag. Now, I most often keep my footwear flat on the ground. Enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing.